We manufacture printed-circuit boards more than 15 years.
In this sphere we have achieved success, and we are not going to stop.

Member of IPC

HIGH TECh pcbs

We are capable of manufacturing non-standard PCBs including the following PCB types:

  • Advanced PCBs
    Multilayer PCBs with up to 30 layers, special technologies (depth milling/cavity, design (VIA-IN-PAD), tenting of via-holes followed by copper coating, internal conductive layers with Heavy Copper, planar transformers, characteristic impedance control, etc).
  • Metal-base PCBs
    These PCBs find application basically in structures requiring transfer of heat away from components (power sources, motor control circuits, etc).
  • Microwave PCBs
    PCBs used in devices operating at 500 MHz and higher. 
  • Flexible PCBs
    Basic advantages of flexible PCBs is their dynamic flexibility, lower dimensions and weight, higher assembly efficiency, higher reliability of radio electronic equipment and many other parameters.
  • Semiflexible PCBs
    Basic advantages of semi-flexible PCBs is the ability to avoid using connectors and, respectively, higher reliability of radio electronic equipment.

To evaluate more accurately the price, production term and possibilities when producing such types of PCBs, please send Gerber and pcb-files with description to or use Online PCB order form.

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