We manufacture printed-circuit boards more than 15 years.
In this sphere we have achieved success, and we are not going to stop.

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mass production pcbs

Currently we offer the following types of PCBs production:

  • Production of small and medium PCB batches  

This is an optimal version for low-budget orders: the evident gain in price for the quality as per GOST 23752-79. A unique possibility to make use of materials of any substrate thickness / foil thickness. Advantages: short production term, low price; minimum order size – from one techological panel.

  • Production of large PCB batches  

Ideal combination of quality materials and a more advanced processing technology makes it possible to manufacture PCBs complying with the most stringent requirements to climatics for any field of application, as well as PCBs manufactured using lead-free technology

Apart from PCB batch production using standard materials, the Company is capable of producing in batches of non-standard and complicated PCBs including flexible and semi-lexible, PCBs with metal base, muiltilayer higher complexity PCBs and microwave PCBs.  

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