Printed circuit boards (pcb)

The Company is ready to fulfill your order whatever its complexity is.  At the same time, we do not have any limitations either on the product complexity or the maximum size of the order. For any request we can offer several types of PCB manufacture: from simple and low-priced to high tech PCBs.

We are ready to offer our customers the following:

single and double sided PCBs can be manufactured within 3 weeks or more, multi-layer PCBs -  within 4 weeks.  

Single, double and multi-layer PCBs can be manufactured within 4 weeks.

  • Advanced PCBs;
  • PCBs with a metal base;
  • Microwave PCBs;
  • Flexible and semi-flexible PCBs.

If you do not have a ready-made project, out specialists will fully or partially design the device as per your requirements specification and, if necessary, will transfer the already existing projects to SMT-technology.

To evaluate  your order please visit "PCB calculator"  or contact  us at

If you want to order production of PCBs visit "PCB Online order".

Before you make your order consult our managers!