Super white soldermask 28.01.2011 Super white soldermask
For light emitting diode supplements we can offer PCB covering with special super white soldermask FSR 8000 LED 393W. This soldermask makes thick white covering with high light-reflecting capacity (approx. 90% for wave-length 400~700 nanometer). This covering does not change colour at high temperatures (during HASL and soldering).
These advantages of surface let the finished product have slight changes in colour temperature with high reflection factor.

10.11.2010 Radio electronics. Instrument making. Automation - 2010
Our company will take part in annual 10th International Industrial Exhibition "Radio electronics. Instrument making. Automation - 2010"

new laser stencil cutting system LPKF SL G6060 06.08.2010 new laser stencil cutting system LPKF SL G6060
A holyday season and calm in a business activity was used by our company for equipment modernization to improve productivity and technical feasibility of our production lines. In July we’ve install and start up a new laser stencil cutting system LPKF SL G6060.

AX501 by Assembleon 04.08.2010 AX501 by Assembleon
The high-speed pick&place machine AX501 by Assembleon was installed and run in production at our shop floor at the end of June.

03.05.2010 The photoreport from an exhibition ExpoElectronica-2010
On April, 20-22th there has passed an annual exhibition "ExpoElectronica - 2010" in the Crocus-Expo in which company "Rezonit" took a part.

27.04.2010 Terms of production of PCBs on small and middle series
In connection with an overload of manufacture and forthcoming May holidays, small and middle series PCBs production terms can be increased for 3-5 days.