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AX501 by Assembleon

AX501 by Assembleon


The high-speed pick&place machine AX501 by Assembleon was installed and run in production at our shop floor at the end of June. Design of the A-Series allows to this machine to achieve the real throughput over 55 cph even in a basic configuration. And due to modular construction it can be almost doubled for a few minutes, while the true parallel placement concept optimizes control of every placement to give the industry’s highest first pass yield. This machine combined in line with another AX-series placement machine - AX201. Very high accuracy and real-life flexibility allows to AX201 to place any of the existent SMD components, including odd-forms, connectors, high accuracy BGAs or flip chips with the very high placement rate. Currently, this line is the most productive and versatile at our SMT department. It considerably expands capabilities of our company in a high-volume production.

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