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In this sphere we have achieved success, and we are not going to stop.

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new laser stencil cutting system LPKF SL G6060

new laser stencil cutting system LPKF SL G6060


A holyday season and calm in a business activity was used by our company for equipment modernization to improve productivity and technical feasibility of our production lines. In July we’ve install and start up a new laser stencil cutting system LPKF SL G6060.

This machine allows for high performance speeds up to 17,400 apertures per hour; three times faster than legacy stencil cutting systems while maintain the highest accuracy. A new loading routine shortens unproductive downtime time when switching between loose foils and framed stencils and allows to work with material thickness up to 0,6mm. LPKF StencilCheck system is using for quality checking. It allows making an inspection of aperture presence and its parameters (shape, dimensions, accuracy, etc.) in accordance with project requirements, aperture cleanness after stencil cleaning and so on.

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