PCB assembly is one of the key services offered by “Rezonit” Company on the PCB market. Since 1998 Company renders services on SMT automated assembling. The quality of mounting made by the Company is steady at the very high level independent of the mounting type, volume or complexity of the order. Achieving this makes it possible for us to apply up-to-date technologies, equipment and materials.

We are ready to offer the following services:

  • Small volume production

To fulfill orders for small amount of products use is made of? practically the same process that is used for large batch orders: application of soldering paste using screen print, mounting the components, soldering in a convection oven.

The difference is that to mount components use is made of? not pick&place machines but manual Fritsch manipulators. Using these units ensures positioning accuracy sufficient for mounting of integrated circuits  with small pitch, ESD protection of components.

  • Automatic mounting, batch production

At our factory we make use of 3 automatic assembly lines to produce medium and large batches of products of any complexity.

Our processing abilities allow us to carry out assembling of the widest range of components: from 01005 chips to QFP or BGA integrated circuits, size up to 45 x 45 mm, with minimal pitch 0.3 mm. Component rang also include QFN, CSP integrated circuits, odd-shape components (various connectors, etc), size up to 60 mm, FlipChip components, etc). Maximum height of a component is 45 mm.

The price for SMT assembly is calculated based on processing specifics of the mounted components and the number of soldering points on PCB (as per the customer’s design documentation).

  • BGA mounting

The assembly process complexity due to the design and high cost of integrated circuits in BGA, Flip-Chip and CSP packages stipulate for high requirements to the mounting process of these integrated circuits.  But mounting of single products, small and pilot lots of products, makes full automatic cycle technically and economically inefficient to use.

Our enterprise is ready to offer assembly of small lots of such integrated circuits using specialized equipment and proved technologies which make it possible to achieve the necessary quality of the process while observing all the required processing parameters.

Our abilities:

  • Assembly of BGA, Flip-Chip and CSP packages with the pitch down to 0.5 mm and the package size up to 70 x 70 mm;
  • mounting of these integrated circuits on PCBs that already contain other soldered components;
  • rework of BGA IC’s;
  • restoration of  BGA’s leads (reballing);
  • X-ray inspection of the soldering quality (followed by a report).
  • SMT stencils

You can order with us production of stencils for SMT assembly both to assemble your items at our factory and make your order.

The following stencil types can be manufactured:

  • Using beryllium bronze — based on chemical etching;

 This method is used to manufacture small lots of products featuring low mounting density and missing integrated circuits with small pitch (0.65 mm and less).

 The advantage of these templates is their low price which by the way does not depend on the number of apertures on PCB. They are recommended for small, low-complexity pilot lots. 

 Maximum stencil size is 600 х 700 mm.

  •  Using stainless steel — cut out using laser.

 This method is used for mass production, products featuring high-density component placement, as well as simply in cases when the product contains integrated circuits with small pitch (0.65 mm or less).

 Stainless steel features low stretch ratio, hence this type of templates does not change its shape and the aperture pattern does not deform during numerous usage cycles. High production accuracy, specific aperture shape and surface, increased wear resistance and long life are the main advantages that make it possible to achieve high quality screen printing on items of any complexity.

 The price of such stencil is determined depending on the preformed block size and the number of cut-out apertures.

 Any template can be manufactured within 3 working days.

 With the issues related to the project preparation, cost of assembly, stencils and the term to perform the works, please write to smt@rezonit.ru