One of the important tasks for the Company is to provide high quality materials and cutting tools for PCB manufacturers and enterprises dealing with assembly.

Most of the offered materials are used at our own production of the Resonit ltd. PCBs, the quality and competitive products of which are assured by the high reputation of Company on the PCB market and is verified with the ISO 9001:2000 international certificate.

We offer:

  • PCB production base materials

We are an official distributor for Kingboard Chemical Holdings and Hangzhou Xinsheng Electronic Material companies.

FR4 is a glass fibre laminate, fire resistance 94V-0, and is one of the most widely used material for PCB manufacture. The Company supplies varies types of glass fibre laminate featuring various glass-transition temperatures employed in production of one-, two- and multilayer PCBs.

Also we supply other base materials - prepregs, copper foil, non-foiled glass fibre laminate and foiled paper-based laminates, such as XPC, FR1, FR2.

  • Protective soldering masks and marking paints

The Company supplies UNION SOLTEK GROUP (Taiwan) products — protective soldering masks and marking paints under the FOTOCHEM name. The assortment includes two-component photographic development thermal hardening, one-component UV-hardened soldering masks and marking paints.

  • Cutting tools

We supply for the market high-quality cutting tools (drills, millers) manufactured by MPK Kemmer (Germany) and TCT (Taiwan). 

The highest production standards, up-to-date equipment, long-term traditions, numerous know-how, automatic optical control of each tool make it possible for us to offer our customers the best tools for any processes in PCB production.

  • Auxiliary materials for mechanical processing

The assortment of the offered products includes backup materials used in drilling preform PCBs of various accuracy classes.

  • Photoresist

PHOTEC H-6000 SERIES photoresist we offer is the latest invention by Hitachi Chemical. This is a dry film water-based photoresist developed for high-density PCB production. This photoresist is good for tenting technologies. Owing to it very good electrolytic and tenting properties as well as highest resolution and high adhesion, the photoresist substantially improves productivity.

  • Soldering pastes, solder alloy, soldering fluxes

We offer soldering pastes produced by UNION SOLTEK GROUP trust, and the assortment includes lead-content, lead-free and water-washable soldering pastes for various technologies.

Also you can buy from us soldering alloy and various soldering fluxes produced by European manufactures.

On application, we can provide samples of materials free of charge, and our production engineers will advise on the specifics of using various materials under the real production conditions.

The quality of supplied materials meets the IPC4101B standard requirements, and the Manufacturers’ quality management system is verified with ISO 9001:2000 international certificates.

All materials are manufactured in compliance with RoHS Directive, and the absence of harmful substances is verified with the SGS certificates.

With the issues related to materials used for PCB production and assembly, please write to