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Contract electronic manufacturing

The times when all stages of production, from development to release of the final product, could be accomplished by one producer has passed. Now only huge corporations, with their overwhelming production volume, can manage without enlisting the services of contract electronic manufacturers (CEM). All over the world we can see the division of enterprises into design companies, manufacturing and trading companies. Meanwhile, production companies are not only producing electronic modules and products but also buying the needed parts and fine-tuning the final product, thus comprising the whole production cycle.

When a producer is planning to release a product based on electronic modules, it has to solve different problems like design development, PCB production and assembly, pilot models release, components and materials supply, and finally, coordination of all these stages.

A qualified CEM above all ensures an integrated approach to all organizational and production steps under a unified process control.

Delegating the production of your goods to a contract electronic manufacturer, you not only save time and effort, you also gain access to the most modern equipment and technology. The final goal of this cooperation is confidence in the quality of your product.

The REZONIT’s objective is to ensure integrated and professional solutions for all of our partners’ businesses in the production of electronic goods, from developing prototypes to mass production.

We have founded a high-capacity production complex, equipped with the most modern facilities (from the newest automated assembly lines to metalworking units and plastic molding machinery), giving us the highest possible potential to meet the demands of our customers.


The advantages of working with a contract electronic manufacturer:

  • Access to the most modern technology

Investment in the most modern equipment and using the newest production technology allow us to keep up with the times and produce the most sophisticated electronics.

  • Shorter production time

Our designers’ experience and knowledge of production processes enables us to avoid excess operations and begin mass production in the shortest possible time.

  • Lower production costs

Optimized production processes, reduced production loss and the most modern equipment lead to lower expenses for production.

  • High product quality

A multi-level quality control system at every stage of production ensures the highest quality of the final product.

  • Guaranteed on-time delivery

An ironed-out system of production logistics, overall product manufacturing control throughout the entire production cycle guarantee on-time delivery of the final product.

Currently we offer the following services:

  • Complete product design – from an idea to a final project

Several professional specialized design bureaus can develop your product in the shortest possible time. Our engineering know-how helps us avoid problems that can arise if designers are isolated from production. Our designers inspect the existing project to eliminate such problems.

  • Components supply

Along with our own warehouse of passive components, we are ready to purchase a wide spectrum of parts for our clients. Contracts with the leading electronic component suppliers minimize losses on low-quality parts.

  • Expedited production and assembly of PCB prototypes

The GTM Group includes express PCB producer Rezonit, which can produce one-sided, two-sided and multilayer PCB prototypes (up to 8 layers) in two or more days. The GTM Group also includes Microlit, an express printed circuit board assembler. These attributes allow us to produce and assemble PCB prototypes from one week (depending on product complexity), which reduces the time needed to release the product on the market.

  • PCB production

In addition to expedited production of PCB prototypes, we offer manufacture of small and medium lots of PCB at our own facilities in Russia and purchase of large lots of PCB from Asia. Our vast experience in working with producers and ironed-out logistics guarantee quality products at consistently low prices.

  • Automated SMT mounting

Our engineering potential enables us to automatically mount components in cases from 0201 to BGA, CSP and QFP IC’s with small lead pitch and dimensions up to 45 mm, including connectors, electrolytic capacitors, odd-forms, etc. Three high-production surface mounting lines makes our production flexible, and our newest optical and X-ray inspection equipment ensures 100% mounting quality control.

  • THT mounting

The Group’s facilities include a manual assembly section with over 100 work stations, equipped with everything necessary for conducting quality work. We have the capacity for both manual THT mounting and mounting with modern equipment, such as a selective soldering unit.

  • Metalworking

Our company can provide your product’s metal parts. Our metalworking shop has modern equipment: from laser cutting machines to the newest metalworking units and foundry devices. We also offer powder coating of metal parts.

  • Plastic parts and cases production

There are plastic parts almost in each electronic device. In order to provide an integrated approach to production, we have purchased and installed modern equipment for manufacturing plastic cases.

  • Assembling and adjustment

Our assembly shop will complete the final assembly of your product in case, adjust your product, and perform the necessary testing (including climate and fault tests).

 Each project is overseen by a personal manager, from the original order through all the production stages.


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