We manufacture printed-circuit boards more than 15 years.
In this sphere we have achieved success, and we are not going to stop.

Member of IPC

TEstimonials book

We are continuously working on improving the services and quality of our products. Should you have any claims to the order implementation quality, or vice versa cooperation with the Company gave rise to your positive impressions, please send us your message.

All messages sent as per the established form will be accepted for consideration and you will be provided with quick response. We will also appreciate your wishes regarding the enhancement of our work.

You opinion is very important for us.

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You can also send us a fax to (495) 777-8080, 730-5000 or e-mail to When using these types of communication be also sure to fill out fields marked with (*).

Purpose of the testimonials book:

  • Feedback from customers of our products and services;
  • Mechanism for obtaining efficient solutions within the Company;
  • Estimation of the personnel and the Company work quality;
  • Improving the quality;
  • Customers references.

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